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Chuck Rose – Wedding Entertainer

Will your wedding reception have “canned” music from a DJ, or real live music from a truly professional entertainer?

Chuck Rose has been entertaining audiences from Vancouver to Halifax since he was a teenager. With a repertoire of over three thousand songs, his music pleases any age group, from eighteen to eighty.

Chuck’s show will get your guests dancing, clapping and singing along to all the songs that everybody knows. Who can resist singing along to La Bamba or Twist & Shout? Joining in on the Sha-la-la-la-las in Brown Eyed Girl? Or swaying arm in arm to Stand by Me? Chuck plays songs from the Rock & Roll of the fifties, through the folk and pop of the sixties and seventies, with stops in the eighties and nineties, to current country songs like “Wagon Wheel” or “Chicken Fried.” If you’re looking for East-coast, foot stomping songs, Chuck will perform songs from Great Big Sea or the Irish Descendants. If you want your own moment in the spotlight, Chuck will back you up on the guitar and make you feel like a star.
For small, intimate weddings, Chuck will play solo, but if you are planning a larger event, he’ll bring a full band that will fill the dance floor.

If you want, Chuck will also perform songs of your choice at your ceremony. If he does not already know the songs you want, he’s usually able to learn them and create an intimate acoustic sound that will make your wedding beautifully romantic and unforgettable.

Sure you can hire a DJ with all the recorded songs at his fingertips, but when the dance is over, who will remember any of it? Great live entertainment is unique and lingers in your memory forever – just like your wedding.

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